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2nd MIRI Research Meeting: Connectivity and Mobility in the 1st Millennium CE – University of Copenhagen

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2nd MIRI Research Meeting:
Connectivity and Mobility in the 1st Millennium CE

This seminar uses evidence and approaches from archaeology and material culture studies to examine and elucidate the materiality of connectivity and mobility. Chronological focus is on the 1st millennium CE; a period that sees a dramatic expansion of contact and exchange networks all over the world. Consequently, it endeavors to include considerations of these dynamics from a proto-global perspective.

Date:  4th December 2012
Venue:  KUA, Njalsgade 76, 2300 Copenhagen S. Room 27.0.17
Organiser:  Kristoffer Damgaard ( & Maher Tarboush (


09.00-09.30 Introductory comments: An Archaeology of Connectivity and Mobility? (Kristoffer Damgaard, University of Copenhagen)

Session: Littoral Settlements and Coastal Connectivity

09.30-10.15 Proto-Globalisation and Mobility: The view from the East African Coast. (Mark Horton, University of Bristol)
10.15-11.00 Network Aspects of Trade in the Indian Ocean before Islam: Geography, Ethnicity and Religion. (Eivind Heldaas Seland, University of Bergen)
11.00-11.30 Coffee

Session: The mobility of people, goods and knowledge

11.30-12.00 Mobility and Transfer of Knowledge in Islamic Andalucía and the Maghreb. (Saer al-Jaichi, University of Copenhagen)
12.00-12.30 Seasonal mobility in a desert environment and its impact on overland connections across Central Asia (Paul Wordsworth, University of Copenhagen)
12.30-14.00  Lunch (speakers only)

Session: Roads and Infrastructure

14.00-14.30 Beyond Practical: Infrastructure in the Capitals of the Roman and Han Empires. (Anna Razeto, University of Copenhagen)
14.30-15.00  Camels, Streets and Gates: the impact of the beasts of burden on infrastructure in the Early Islamic period. (Patrick Lorien, University of Copenhagen)
15.00-15.30  Coffee

Session: Nodal networks and Emporia

15.30-16.15 Entrepology: Maritime Network Urbanism in Global Medieval archaeology (Søren Sindbæk, University of Aarhus)
16.15-17.00  Summation and Discussion
17.00-19.00  Glögg at Hviids Vinstue (Kgs. Nytorv)

For all guests registration is free but mandatory. Deadline for registering is November 20. Please register with Kristoffer Damgaard (