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The History & Archaeology of Arabia Lecture Series – University of Copenhagen

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The Materiality in Islam Research Initiative presents

The History & Archaeology of Arabia Lecture Series

The Materiality in Islam Research Initiative  (University of Copenhagen) has the pleasure of inviting you to a new lecture series on the history and archaeology of the Arabian Peninsula.

The purpose is to create an open forum for the presentation and discussion of new ideas and research dealing with all aspects of the history and archaeology of Arabia.

The series will consist of a monthly afternoon lecture (ca. 45 minutes) followed by questions and informal discussion. Lectures begin at 16.00.


Programme 2012

19th September: On the Desert Fringe: New Maritime Surveys on the Central Red Sea Coast of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Ralph K. Pedersen (Universität Marburg)

10th October: Bahr al-Arab? An Arabian Cultural Complex in the Early Islamic Red Sea. Dr. Kristoffer Damgaard (University of Copenhagen)

21st November: From Carsten Niebuhr to Barclay Raunkjær: Denmark’s scientific ambitions in Arabia. Dr. Jørgen Bæk Simonsen (University of Copenhagen)   

5th December: Qatar in the Abbasid Period: Archaeological and Historical Evidence. Dr. Stephen McPhillips (University of Copenhagen)

Programme 2013

12th March: Beliefs and Divinities of Arabia: The Qur'anic Text as a Literary Document. Dr. Joshua Sabih (University of Copenhagen) - Venue: room U3.

10th April: Of People, Potsherds, and Pearls: Reclaiming al-Zubarah from the Sand. Dr. Alan Walmsley (University of Copenhagen)

22nd May: Signed, Sealed, Considered: 500 years of seals from Failaka. Ms. Aiysha Abu-Laban (University of Copenhagen)



Institute of Cross-cultural & Regional Studies, Snorresgade 17-19, 1st floor, 2300 Copenhagen S. (The precise location (room) for each lecture will be announced on this page). For any inquiries, please contact Kristoffer Damgaard (