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Louise Blanke – University of Copenhagen

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Louise Blanke
PhD Fellow

My primary research interests lie within the archaeology of the Late Antique period in Egypt and the Levant (3rd-8th centuries). I am particularly interested in urban development following the Roman colonisation of the Near East and the emergence of Christianity and its impact on the economy, built environment and material culture.  I am currently writing my PhD on the social and economic role of monasteries in society, from their formation in Late Antiquity into the Early Islamic Period. This work is based on my long term engagement with two archaeological projects in Egypt, that is the White Monastery in Sohag (directed by Dr. Stephen Davies, Yale University) and the Coptic Reuse of the North Tombs at Tell al-Amarna (Dr. Gillian Pyke and Barry Kemp).

During the past ten years, I have also participated in field work in Jordan, Qatar and Denmark and have since the project began in 2002, been part of the organisation and daily management of the archaeological field school of Near Eastern Archaeology, The Islamic Jarash Project (Dr. Alan Walmsley).