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The Rural Islamic Syria Project

An archaeological investigation of dynamic change through time in the landscape of the Homs region of western Syria, a key crossroads between the continental Western Asian and Mediterranean worlds. This project investigates interactions between different aspects of rural life through the last 1300 years: settlement, water and land use and their relationship to the environmental, socio-economic and geopolitical contexts of Islamic period Syria.



I wish to acknowledge the invaluable support of our funding bodies, the Danish Forskningsrådet for Kultur og Kommunikation and the University of Copenhagen.

I would like to acknowledge the kind support of the Homs DGAMS, especially that of Mr. Farid Jabbour, Miss Miriam Bshesh, Miss Rajah Bilal, Miss Lucia Khabbaz and Mr. Abdul Qader Khaluf, Mr. Jawad Oukla and the SHR co-director Dr. Michel Maqdissi.

Members of the University of Durham SHR project: Graham Philip, Stephen Bourke, Jennie Bradbury, Rob Dunford, Dan Lawrence and Mhairi Campbell. Additional project participants in 2010: (DGAMS) and Messrs. Jonas Norkær Steffensen, Frederik Juel Andersen and Rune Rattenborg (University of Copenhagen).

Immense help was provided by Miss Claude Qarwashan and Père Frantz (al-Ard), Mr. Wa’el Abduallah (Syrian Kuwait Insurance Company, Homs) and  Mr. Mahmud Kayssoun (Kayssoun Company, Homs).